Top 10 Cheap Holiday Destinations

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6. Las Vegas

Believe it or not this once expensive holiday destination has become one of the cheapest and more interesting holidays you can take. With the credit crunch hitting gamblers hard, there are discounts and bargains to be had. Just be careful not to gamble all of your money away.


7. Thailand

This relatively small paradise is still one of the best value for money options in the Far East. The flights may be a little on the long side, but once you get there you have incredible scenery, sandy beaches, warm climate and the notorious Thai nightlife.


8. Budapest

On the banks of the Danube this city has architecture to die for and enough art museums to satisfy anyone’s tastes. This romantic city is special and above all, it is still has cheap food and wine. Great for a weekend break.


9. Mumbai

Just about anywhere in India is going to be cheap, but Mumbai offers something special. From the searing poverty of the slums to the financial centre which has new buildings and some of the best restaurants in the World, you will see all that life has to offer. You can get a sense of perspective in a city like Mumbai.


10. London

The recession has meant that even the most expensive city in the UK has dropped its prices. You can now find special deals in London hotels and restaurants and can even visit a show and stay the night at half the price it used to be. Now is definitely the time to visit the UK capital.

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