Top 10 Castles and Palaces in the World

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6. Forbidden City – Beijing :

An entire city existed within the walls of this palace, but there were many areas reserved only for the Chinese royalty, hence it can easily be termed as a palace. Made primarily with wood, it has survived centuries of wars and natural disasters. There are many rooms where the original furniture and artefacts can still be viewed, albeit behind glass.


7. Tower of London  – London:

Encapsulating centuries of England’s history within its walls, the Tower of London has seen its fair share of intrigues and conspiracies. Just walking around these hallowed grounds gives you am sense of the majesty of British royalty. Today it houses the Crown Jewels and the ghosts of the previous residents.


8. Windsor Castle – England:

The official residence of the British monarchy it is the largest palace still being occupied by members of the royal family. It has been the home of the British royalty for over 900 years, and only some portions of it are open to the general public. Originally built of wood, it is a beautiful, well-preserved palace.


9. San Felipe Castle – Cartagena – Colombia:

Built in 1533, this castle is a World Heritage Site. It was built to withstand the attacks from the pirates and is believed to be an engineering marvel due to its strong defences. The size of this castle is astounding, and it has a series of underground tunnels connecting the various sections.


10. Alcazar – Spain:

Situated over a hill overlooking the rivers Clamores and Eresma, this castle now houses a museum and the Spanish Military Archives. Believed to have been built in the 12th Century it made a great outpost to watch over the surroundi8ng areas.

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