Top 10 Traditions Everybody Follows At The End Of The Year

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People always have plans for new years and different people around the world celebrate it differently. The following are common and are carried out by those who wish to greet the New Year with a lot of noise and celebration!


1. Lavish Parties

Planning for parties for 31st December starts roughly around the end of October. People make sure that every detail is in place and that their guests have nothing to complain about when the clock strikes twelve!


2. Prayers

Those who believe in God or follow a particular religion like to send a little prayer in God’s direction as soon as 1st January of the new year rolls around. Many families like to come together and carry out these ceremonies with the help of soft music and dozens of candles.


3. Resolutions

We all make new year resolutions. It is always good to make a fresh start and leave all our old problems and worries behind. There is no better time to do this than 31st December when the year is ending and a new one is starting. Even though most of us forget all about them by about 7th January, it is fun to believe that we will stick to them at the time!


4. First Footing

This tradition is followed by Europeans all over the world. They believe that the first person that enters their house when the clock strikes twelve should not only have dark hair but should also be male. He should come bearing gifts which should be symbolic of good luck or good health.


5. Keep Smiling

Many people believe that if they enter the new year laughing or smiling, they will spend the rest of the year the same way. Therefore, even if they are not particularly happy when the clock starts chiming, they start laughing just to keep up with the tradition.


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