Top 10 Movies You Should Watch After Midnight

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6. The Exorcist

The Exorcist has to be one of the scariest movies ever made. It is about a young girl who finds and Oujja Board and befriends a spirit who she calls Captain Howdy. He isn’t too friendly though and ends up taking possession of her body.


7. Candyman

Candyman is based on a legend which says that if you look into a mirror and say “candyman” five times, he will appear beside you and kill you. Helen Lyle is working on a project on urban legends which is why she sets out to explore the mystery surrounding the candyman.


8. The Others

Starring Nicole Kidman, The Others is about a woman living with her two children in a massive house. The children are allergic to sunlight which is why the curtains have to be shut at all times. The little girl starts interacting with a few ghosts in the house but is punished when she tells her mother about it. Turns out that the three of them are dead and the ‘ghosts’ are the ones that are alive.


9. Children of the Corn

Another Stephen King adaptation, Children of the Corn is about a young boy who is convinced that it is his job to murder all the adults in town. He forms a little army by himself by persuading the rest of the children in the city.


10. The Saw Series

These movies are about a serial killer called Jigsaw who creates complicated and deadly obstacles for his victims and if they are able to get out, they survive otherwise they die. The scenes are quite graphic and will make you sick to your stomach.

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