Top 10 Most Famous Exceptional Twins

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Whenever we see a pair of twins on the street, we cannot help but stare because really, it must be fascinating to grow up with somebody who looks exactly like you. The following are the ten most exceptional out of the lot.

1. Albert and Ebenezer Fox

They were known for their poaching abilities during the 1800s. These identical twins came from a good family but for some reason, turned to crime related activities. They got each other out of trouble all the time and never went poaching together.


2. Alicia and Jasmin

A German man and a Jamaican-English woman gave birth to a pair of twins in 2006. While Alicia’s skin is dark and her hair is black, Jasmin’s skin is fair and her hair is blonde. A Genetic expert explained that this happened because the mother’s genes which determine what the skin color of her babies will be, were mixed.


3. Richard and Damien Powles

These twins were considered to be telepathic after several experiments were carried out on them. One such experiment involved Richard plunging his hand into freezing cold water and while his respiration rate changed, so did Damien’s.


4. Tamara Rabi and Adriana Scott

Tamara Rabi and Adriana Scott were given up for adoption shortly after they were born. Both adoptive parents kept this secret from them but surprisingly, neither knew that the sisters were growing up only 20 miles away from each other. When they turned 20, mutual friends started figuring it out and made the two meet. Even though they did not grow up together, they had very similar traits and tastes.


5. June and Jennifer Gibbons

These two are also known as the Silent Twins. The twins were inseparable from the time they were born but spoke only to each other in a language that nobody else understood. They did not interact with other children and the situation got so bad, that they had to be separated. However, this only made the problem worse and the two got withdrawn and catatonic. After they got reunited, they came to a decision that one of them had to die. Jennifer took the plunge after which June started speaking and communicating with others.

Jennifer Gibbons’ death: Within hours after the twins’ release in 1993, Jennifer died of sudden inflammation of the heart (reported initially as viral myocarditis). There was no evidence of drugs or poison in her system. To this day, Jennifer’s death remains a mystery to this day.


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  • Hannah

    I think it is not Tuen and Koen, but Teun and Koen. They are Dutch names, as are Wilma and Willem.

  • Ryleigh

    Abby and Brittany were my student teachers for fifth grade (: I was honored to meet them.

  • Anne

    The Silent Twins were African American! That picture is a fail.

  • Stormy

    Picture number 2 states “a pair of twins” So were there four? That would be quadruplets…….

  • Bob

    Stormy, a pair is one, ergo, a pair of twins is one twin i.e. two babies. When you buy a pair of shoes how many do you get in the box?

    To get really technical, some people may say ‘one twin’ when referring to one of the children but what they really mean is half of the twin and say ‘one of the twins’.

  • Pirlanta

    they are sooo cute. i wish a twin. really !!

  • George

    Anne — The Silent Twins were NOT African-American! They were born in Barbados and grew up in Wales! A country that is part of the United Kingdom and the island of Great Britain! Just because they are BLACK does not make them African-American! God. Get. Your. Facts. Right.