Top 10 Most Famous Exceptional Twins

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6. Catalin and Valentin Tescu

While Catalin was born premature in December; Valentin was born in February, two months later. This happened because their mother had a rare condition because of which she had two uteruses.


7. Tuen and Koen Stuart

Wilma and Willem Stuart gave birth to this pair of twins but they were in-fact, half-brothers. This is because the hospital made a mistake during the IVF process and mixed an African American man’s sperm with Willem’s.


8. Abigail and Brittany Hensel

These conjoined twins were born in 1990 and are 23 years old today. They live happy and healthy lives and over the years, have learnt how to play various sports including volleyball and basketball. The two are remarkable and exceptional, to say the least, and hope to get married in the near future.

Update:  Brittany Hensel, of the conjoined Hensel Twins  got engaged in 2012. Only her and not her sister, Top 10 List is happy for Brittany.  This lead to people asking a number of questions on Twitter, which include:

@MissZindzi: ”how do you reject the other one when she’s there all the time??”

@Emti – ”Do both women have to consent to secks?” – moral question

@Hrsparks – ”What if one wants babies and the other doesn’t? Her titty is going to become engorged anyway. That sucks.” – good question, but quite amateurish.


9. Elyse Schein and Paula Bernstein

Their lives have been similar to those lead by Tamara Rabi and Adriana Scott but the only difference is that the two were part of a secret experiment carried out by two doctors which meant that they were deliberately separated after birth. The complete details of this controversial experiment have not been published yet.

10. Alex and Michael Bronstein

These two wrote a famous book called “Numerical Geometry of Non-Rigid Shapes” and invented 3D face recognition technology.

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