Top 10 Most Unforgettable Advertisements

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An advertisement’s job is to sell the products that it is advertising. While some are quite generic and bland, others like the following are stunning and will make you smile.


1. Extra

Extra is a brand which manufactures chewing gums. It claims to make the consumer’s teeth stronger. Some time back they created an advertisement which showed a steel spoon lying in a plate. The consumer realizes that a bit of the spoon has been bitten off and then their logo flashes on screen- “The Extra for Healthy Teeth.”


2. Tabasco

Tabasco, as we all know, is the hot sauce we cover our food with when it is too bland or just plain bad. A certain advertisements showed a bottle of Tabasco lying next to a corn on the cob. A significant portion of the corn has been removed and has been replaced by popcorn. The message is clear- the sauce is hot enough to pop corn!

3. The Macbook Air

This laptop claimed to be the thinnest laptop in the world. When it was first launched, the advertisement was placed in a magazine. The reader would flip over a page to find himself staring at a keyboard and a screen. The pages would combine to give the appearance of a real laptop. The Macbook Air is paper thin and Steve Jobs has done a great job in marketing it!


4. Promotion of Kill Bill

When the movie Kill Bill was about to hit theaters, the publicity department came up with a great idea. What they did was plaster a life-size picture of a man whose back is towards us on the outside of the elevator doors. The doors would open to reveal Uma Thurman standing with a knife and the man would be sliced in half.


5. Fitness

A certain fitness studio tried to promote their services with the help of paper bags which were created in such a way that it seemed like the person was carrying weights as he walked around.


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