Top 10 Most Unforgettable Advertisements

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6. Paint

AllScapes tried to promote the quick-dry feature of their paints with the help of an advertisement that showed a person’s hand throwing out pink paint. It dries in mid-air and two pigeons perch on top of it.


7. Don’t Drink and Drive

Keeping the welfare of people in mind, a certain company created an advertisement which showed that the markings on a street ended at a building. In other words, the “Stop” sign was on well beyond the pavement and the message the flashed on the screen read- Alcohol Creates New Realities.


8. Parachute Oil

Parachute Oil is manufactured in India and one of their best advertisements showed a bottle lying open on the table. It is dripping oil and a strand of hair is lying next to it. The part where it touches the oil is much thicker than the rest of it which makes the message quite obvious- if you use this oil, your hair will become thicker almost instantly.


9. Awareness about Autism

A certain NGO came up with an advertising idea wherein they put a little girl with her hand up on all their paper bags. This made it seem like the person is holding the child’s hand who is smiling. The paper bag reads “Reach Out to Children with Autism”.


10. Sopranos

When the makers of the popular TV show were promoting it, they attached an arm onto several taxi trunks. This made it seem that the vehicle was carrying a dead body and the sticker next to it read- The Sopranos Only on HBO.

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