Top 10 Most Shabby Airports of the World

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With the holiday season comes the much awaited vacation. Traveling for many can be hassle, especially if their journey involves destinations with bad airports. This article will make your life easier by warning you about the dirtiest airports in this world.

Here are the top 10 Most Shabby Airports across the globe:


1. Los Angeles LAX  Airport

This airport has interiors that scream 1980’s. The airport needs major overhauling. Traveling from one terminal to another is tedious and the place is crowded. Another major issue is that there is always a long queue at security check. Few terminals are filthier than others.


2. Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

Several people have found this airport mocks the fact that it is located in a modernized country. It is considered as one of the filthiest and disorganized of all the airports. If you are stuck in transit here, it is advisable that you carry a cushion along as the metal seating is painful. The toilets are best avoided because they are filthy and the stench can make you throw up. The terminals are small, badly designed and poorly lit. At times the air conditioner in the passengers lounge is not working and dirty.


3. JFK Airport, New York

When you arrive at terminal 2, 3 and 4 you are in for a rude shock, this “Gateway to America” desperately needs to be razed and rebuilt. The floor is beyond filthy, and when you reach the immigration you have to walk bare feet which could be a traumatizing affair. It is badly lit and desperately needs cleaning. The staff adds to your woes. They are very unruly and treat the passengers badly.


4. Annadurai International Airport, Chennai

When you enter the airport you know that the airport was constructed in a different century. The state of the airport is sad to say the least and is in a desperate need for revamping. It is wise to clean the seats before you sit. The toilets are dirty; the stench excruciating. The airport is dimly lit to make matters worse. It is wise to avoid drinking and eating here.


5. Tribhuvan International Airport, Katmandu

This is by far the most chaotic and the dirtiest airport. The business lounge is much better but they do not have toilets. There is always a queue in the toilets and the reek.  The toilets are best avoided. The staff are equally unpleasant and disrespectful adding to the woes. They are also money minded and try to scam and tip you off.


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