Top 10 Most Shabby Airports of the World

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6. Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport

The terminal F seems to be last repaired before the cold war. Terminal F at least has benches where you can stretch and relax. It might be a wise decision to clean the seat before you relax. Do not be surprised to find the terminal filled with homeless people. This terminal seems to be a haven for the homeless. If you have a long transit here ensure that you carry enough food with you as the airport is expensive and unhygienic.


7. Rio De Janeiro Airport, Brazil

The airport is chaotic and disorganized. The floor needs to be cleaned. The signage is terrible. You have to search the whole airport to find ATMs and food stalls. Even the far apart food stalls are located in an area that reeks of urine and is in hospitable. The shops are shabby and the food is best avoided. One can just wonder how the venue for the next Olympics can have such airports.


8. Dum Dum Airport, Kolkata

This airport is a traveler’s nightmare. The seats are in a despicable condition. It is wise to choose seats in the center than the corners. The airport building is in a sad state. The walls are filled with tobacco stains. The attitude of the security personals is worse; they look morose. The toilets are unbearable; there is absolutely no ventilation and the in dire need to be cleaned.


9. Phuket International Airport, Thailand

This is one airport that you should try and avoid if possible. There are very few shops here and most of them open rather late. It is a rather tiny airport and has not been repaired in ages. There is always a shortage of place to sit. It is not uncommon to see people fight for a seat. Despite being a tourist hub this airport fails to meet the basic demands.


10. Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta

Most people who have been struck in this airport think that this airport is a disgrace to Indonesia. It is badly lit and there is no signage. The toilets are dirty and you should not be surprised to see cockroaches and other insects lurking. It is not uncommon to see people smoke within the airport premises and litter the place. There is always a long queue in immigration. The air conditions are not always working and add to the woes of a stranded passenger.

Work related travel or just a vacation, this list should help you with your travel plan the next time you fly to one of these places. Some of these airports are currently undergoing some construction and hopefully will graduate to the best airports list soon!

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