Top 10 Chinese Travel Destination

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Tourist destinations of the Asian countries are attracting a large number of people these days. People’s Republic of China, popularly known as China, the country with the highest population count has seen a significant development in the tourism industry over the past few decades. Not only the different historical places of tourist attraction, but also the easing of the country’s law in the tourism sector has given this sector a boost. The immigration laws of the country have also become flexible compared to the earlier days, so people can easily plan a trip to this country. Different cities and villages of China offer everything that a tourist may need to make his trip memorable. Whether you want to be close to the Chinese history, or you want a rocking nightlife, China has everything. From modern shopping malls to ancient temples, you can find everything in China. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to this country, you should do a little research on the country. Gaining information of every city and town in China might not be a feasible option. So, you can just check out the top ten Chinese travel destinations you cannot afford to miss.


1. Great Wall of China

Originally constructed in the fifth century BC, for protecting the northern frontiers of the country, the Great Wall of China has become a historical spot. It is often said that this is the only manmade work that can be seen from moon. If you visit China, you should never forget to visit this wall which stretches for almost 8,851.8 kilometers.


2. Mount Tai

Mount Tai, which has been credited as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO is listed among the “Five Sacred Mountains” of China. Records state, this mountain has attracted pilgrims for almost three thousand years. Located in the southern side of Jinan and northern side of Tai’an city, Mount Tai provides simple connectivity route.


3. Forbidden City

When you are in China, you cannot miss out Forbidden City in Beijing. The city has imperial palaces of different rulers starting from the Ming Dynasty till the Qing Dynasty. The walls and gates across the Forbidden City will make you understand the architectural skills as well as the defense tactics that Chinese rulers have been using for ages.


4. Potala Palace

Located in the Tibet Autonomous Region, Lhasa, the Potala Palace is a historical spot in China. Named after Mount Potala, this palace has been home to Dalai Lama till the 14th Dalai Lama decided to flee to India. Now, the Chinese government has converted this place into a museum.


5. Old Summer Palace

Old Summer Palace or the Imperial Gardens of China is known for its art works, architectural building, and obviously beautiful gardens. This historical place was destroyed during the English and French invasion in China. Yet, later this park has been named among the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO.


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