Top 10 Most Rated T.V. Series

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6. Seinfeld

This legendary show, aired on NBC has won 1st Annual American Television Awards every year that it was aired. The show is a mix of events, stories and genres. Hence, it does not focus on any particular genre giving it a wide scope to put anything in the storyline with defined characters. Well, you cannot go through the real experience of Seinfeld until you watch the show. Its historical award winning history is enough to drive one’s curious to know what Seinfeld is about.


7. Monk

The show revolves around former police detection Adrian Monk. He put together tiny clues in his cases to find out amazing hidden facts about the cases. Monk has suffered from acute obsessive compulsive disorder and several other phobias which have driven him with extra ordinary skills to inquiries the smallest piece of information that he can find. His wife, Trudy was murdered and the case remained unsolved left him emotionally unstable. After, he gets a leave from his intense psychiatric hospital treatments, he started working on difficult cases. The series and events in the show is woven very interestingly in every season.


8. Dexter

This TV show is a crime thriller based on a two novels from Jeff Lindsay. The show is about a forensic blood spatter expert, Dexter who is determined to put to those criminals back in their places who have blinded justice. He works constantly to gather the right evidences and in working on the previous ones to put the criminals behind bars.


9. The Twilight Zone

The series has been one of most capturing series of its time. It was originally aired in black and white print and ended in year 1964. The show revolves around various stories that can be fun, tragic and full of grief as well. The story follows different lessons which are based on moralistic imagination. It gives an insight to its views and continues to bind them with the TV shows constantly.


10. NewsRadio

The show is about #2 ranking radio station of the New York City. The characters in the shows surprise by their hilarious and witty actions pursuing the storyline comically.

These 10 TV shows have been most highly rated since 1950s. Watch one of them and you won’t to be holding yourself back from the rest of them. Each of them excels in storyline, genre outline and characters.

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