Top 10 Web Design Companies in the World

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The following companies have gained acclaim due to their dynamic, state-of-the-art online services. They provide a synergy of technical design, branding strategies and engaging applications that make their websites extremely effective marketing tools.


1. 7th Media – Makati, Philippines

7th Media creates premium interactive websites and online advertisements from around the globe. Their portfolio features truly dazzling graphical presentations, coupled with strong copywriting. All of their work involves a high level of user-interactivity, and they are strong believers in recreating their Flash work in HTML for mobile audiences. 7th media was voted the #1 design company in the world on


2. ITW Consulting – Toronto, Ontario

For innovative marketing strategies and ideas, ITW Consulting takes the cake. A full service agency, ITW is at the forefront of 2.0 media; creating rich full screen websites that implement 3D animation, customized content management systems, gorgeous visual displays and fluid site navigation. From stock photography, online dating, healthcare, real estate to phone companies, ITW have worked with every industry going. With knowledgeable and dedicated staff, they’re a great value for any company to work with.


3. Imageworks Studio – California

Imageworks Studio are branding experts. Their work is all based around building and boosting the brand identity of all of their clients. They include branding packages that include SEO, E-mail marketing campaigns and Pay-Per-Click Advertising that help their clients get themselves out there on the internet. They also use a customized Project Management System, that have helped them complete over 1,000 successful projects.


4. Blue Fountain Media – New York City

Blue Foundation Media are a results-driven design and marketing company. They offer full-service marketing solutions for the big guys and the small; working with individual local companies to Fortune 500 companies like the NFL, US Mint, Walt Disney, Nike, and the United Nations. Some of their more popular services include: Website Design, Branding, Logo Design, Copywriting and Government Services.


5. Deep Blue – Georgia, USA

If you’re looking for state of the art Social Media, Mobile or Viral Web Campaigns, look no further than Deep Blue. They use the most modern web practices to “stay ahead of the curve” and implement awesome web campaigns that really establish a strong web presence for their customers. Deep Blue is actually a coalition of 3 companies, each that focus on branding, social media and smart phone strategies separately, to provide a focused impact for their customers.


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