Top 10 Health Benefits of Yoga

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Some people refer to it as a celerity fashion, others as a religious avenue, while to some as a life changing path. Yoga is known by all of the above mentioned names. There are renowned celebrities such as Madonna and Sting who can bear true testimony on the life transformational benefits of yoga. Millions of people around the world are already tapping into these benefits. However, to the pessimist, they still need convincing on the benefits of yoga. Some of the questions most often asked by many people is how yoga affects the mind? How it enhances positive development of the body?

There is no one pose that defines yoga but a combination of poses that are executed in sequences. In addition, there are different forms of yoga. Traditionally, religious leaders were the ones responsible for creating the different kinds of yoga. Nonetheless, some of the most practiced yoga in the world today are Hatha, Kundalini as well as Bikram yoga.

Whereas, some people tend to associate yoga with celebrity lifestyle, unknown to them is that yoga plays a big role in ensuring that your body is well safeguarded against the numerous lifestyle diseases that plague the present generations, for example, high blood pressure or hypertension, heart ailments, diabetes as well as anxiety. Discussed herein are top ten health benefits of yoga.


1. Helps in reducing High Blood Pressure

Commonly referred to as hypertension, high blood pressure is a disease that affects millions of people around the world today. Nonetheless, research carried out recently by Prevention Research Center shows that yoga significantly reduces the occurrences of this ailment by a big margin.


2. Helps in reducing and managing blood sugar level

Due to the bustles and hustles of the present society, not many people have the time to cook and eat right. As such there has been an upsurge in diabetes cases even in children. However, to help reduce and manage sugar levels in your body, you can engage in regular yoga exercise. This has been proven by a research study that was carried out the school of nursing in the United States. 23 of those who participated in the research showed that by applying Vinyasa yoga on a regular basis, the sugar level in your blood can reduce significantly.


3. Helps in managing osteoporosis

By applying a series of yoga poses, you can in a way help manage osteoporosis. This has been proven in subjects suffering from the ailment who participated in the study.


4. Helps in managing stress level

It is estimated that stress is the number one cause of illnesses such as depression. It is hard to avoid stress given the fast paced society that we are living in today. However, you can help manage stress levels by practicing yoga for a limited amount of time each day. Research carried out by the Ohio State University in 2010 shows that Hatha Yoga is a good exercise in reducing stress levels in the body.


5. Helps in lowering heart rate

Heart diseases too are common amongst so many people worldwide given the lifestyle. Nevertheless, you can minimize your heart rate by practicing a series of yoga movements for a couple of minutes each day. Unknown to a majority of people is that when the heart rate lowers, less amount of pressure is applied to the heart.


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