Top 10 Inventions and Improvements in Technology for 2010

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Innovation did not stop after the innovation of the first electric bulb and has continued to the present century. In as much as some people may hardly give thoughts to innovations like mouse traps, they have influenced and shaped our lives. 2010 unlike 310 AD has benefited from technological advancement thus enabling innovations of better products that not only simplifies life but are also affordable.

Discussed herein are some of top ten innovations that made the headlines in the year 2010.


1. Internet

Despite having been in place for years, we still think that the internet is still the greatest innovations of all times and the same applies for 2010. It has enabled different people to share information with one another thus facilitating. As technology advances so does the accessibility of internet technology.


2. Sixth Sense

We all talk about the sixth sense that women have and this has been brought into reality with the development of the sixth sense. The device enables you to do so many things that are intangibles for instance taking a photograph by creating a frame with your hands.


3. Electric Eye

Considered one of the greatest innovations to have come from MIT, the blind eye has been developed with a purpose to enable those who are blind to have an opportunity to see again.


4. Teleportation

Coming in at number four is an innovation that you won’t probably be seeing in the market for a while. Nonetheless, scientists working at the University of Maryland have managed to teleport information from one atom to another. Still at infancy it is expected that this will open doorways to the way people live once the final innovation is rolled out.


5. XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System

Gaming seems to be continually evolving with the introduction of XM25 that. Its creation is purely intended for the US military enabling them to approximate target distance by utilizing laser range finder and pinpoints at the exact point where the bullet ought to hit. However, the innovation is still in its infant stages.


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