Top 10 Inventions and Improvements in Technology for 2010

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6. Microsoft Project Natal

This is a prototype from Microsoft that is expected to transform the gaming industry. It is anticipated that it will be the first gaming not to have controllers. It is technologically advanced to enable you to control the game using your voice and movements.


7. Robotic Exoskeleton

Considered as one of the greatest innovations of the present century that has been specially designed to make the aged have some form of mobility. It is estimated that the innovation will enable those utilizing them to have ten times their current strength. In spite of still being in the infant stages, it is expected that when it rolls out, it will greatly alter a majority of people’s lives.


8. Smart Thermostat

Given that most modern homes run on gas and electricity, you now have an interface from which you can monitor how much you are consuming. In addition, it provides you a platform from which you can switch on and off appliances and control temperatures in the house.


9. Android Phone

The smart phone market niche was revolutionized with the introduction of the android. It offers an alternative to expensive smart phones, e.g. iPhones by providing you with office application and runs on the Google run android operating system. A plus for the phone is that the software used is open source which allows users to develop their own interfaces and manage numerous types of hardware.


10. Littmann Electronic Stethoscope

At number ten is 3M Littmann Electronic Stethoscope. Since the innovation of the first stethoscope, not so much advancement has been made to it. However, with the new Littmann Electronic Stethoscope, there have been major changes, for example, not only does the equipment listen to a patient’s heartbeat, but is able to record it and play I back. In addition, the sound can be transmitted in real time to a computing device for further analysis. A plus for the device, is that it has the capability to capture some of the silent sounds in the heart which are underlying symptoms for heart defects.


There are other plenty of innovations that were made in 2010 that by no doubt transformed the landscape that have not been mentioned in this list. Some are still at the initial development stages and are expected to revolutionize personal lives and businesses as well.

Technology continually changes and by the end of this year, the above could be relegated to the bottom.


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