Top 10 Vegetables

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Some people have an aversion to green vegetables because they were forced to eat soggy greens when they were children. This is unfortunate, but as adults you can cook your own to perfection and enjoy the flavor. It seems that they are an acquired taste. However, green vegetables in particular are very good for our health as they contain the vitamins and minerals our bodies need. The superveg are broccoli and other members of the Brassica family.


1. Broccoli

Broccoli has been called the “liver of vegetables” because it is rich in iron and contains minerals which have antioxidant properties which help regulate blood pressure and help to lower cholesterol levels.


2. Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts are also well up in the rankings of health giving foods and although you may not like them boiled, there are many interesting recipes for them including Polonaise which goes some way to disguising their strong flavour.


3. Carrots

These really are good for the eyes, and your mother wasn’t far wrong when she told you they would help you see in the dark. These days you can drink carrot juice which comes from black carrots or red ones as well as the usual orange variety. Carrots are great in stews with other root vegetables and can also be grated into salads. If you want a healthy snack, eat a raw carrot.


4. Turnips

Turnips are not just good in stews and winter casseroles. They can be eaten in salads with grated carrot and fresh dates. If you have a burning sensation in the soles of your feet in winter, then you should boil turnips and soak your feet in the water. If this doesn’t relieve the sensation then you can make a paste with them and apply this to your feet as a salve.


5. Swede

Swede are underrated, but go well with turnips and carrots in a winter vegetable stew and as they can be stored, they are useful to keep in the kitchen in case you get snowed in. They can be boiled and then mashed with potatoes and served with a tasty brown gravy or a warming side dish. The Scots call these neeps and serve them on Burn’s Night along with haggis and whisky.


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