Top 10 “Ask An Expert” Websites

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The internet has been responsible for completely changing the way we look for information. We no longer have to open bulky encyclopedias to gather data or to get the answer for any queries which we may have. All we need to do is do a search on the net and Mr. Google will be available within a few nano seconds with all the information we need. Not only that we now have many websites where experts are available to provide solutions or answer any particular question that pertains only to our circumstances. These websites are known as “Ask An Expert ” websites and are among the most visited sites on the web.

The most popular Top Ten Ask An Expert Website are as follows:



They are a large online network of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. They claim to have answered over 30,000 medical questions online, and offer a free service. They are all certified professionals hence you are assured of valid and competent answers. They are a good source for a quick query, but they are not a substitute for a face-to-face visit.


2. Able2Know

This website covers a wide range of subjects and all their experts are volunteers who have offered to help. They claim that they do not provide professional or medical advice, and that they only provide information for informational purposes.



Self-appointed experts at this site provide answers on varied subjects. The volunteers need to have answered at least 200 questions before they can termed as experts. The answers are given in a simple layman fashion and you can check up on the credibility of the expert by reading the feedback on them.



One of the best sites to visit when you need any information about any technological glitches. They are enthusiastic, very well informed and someone or the other will be able to –provide a solution for any problems that you may be facing. The discussions on their forums are very interesting since everyone there seems to be an expert!


5. Yahoo! Answers

Probably the world’s most popular answer site, it has an amazing number of people who ask the oddest of questions. There are many open questions which can be answered by anyone, and you have to select the best answer and thus give the “answerer” some points. Points and levels also help you determine who is a good person to rely upon, since someone with a lot of points has obviously given many satisfactory answers!!


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