Top 10 Ways to Bring Up Children

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6. Self esteem

Self esteem is often a mistaken word and read synonymously with pride and ego centric behavior, but the difference between these is what the parents have to describe to their kids and help them developing it. Self esteem is ones’ respect for oneself which helps a child in learning to help weaker ones and rejecting favors from the ones having an upper hand.


7. Right set of social skills

Right set of social skills is yet another important learning stone as we all know man is a social animal and cannot live in isolation from others. Thus to learn to behave responsibly in a social environment is a responsibility every human being must adhere to.


8. Learning to take responsibility

Learning to take responsibility is something most parents want their kids to undertake as most kids will have to grow up to be responsible individuals taking care of their families and their expenses when they grow up into adults.


9. Having appositive attitude

Having appositive attitude is one attitude that helps a child to be an individual who learns from his mistakes and does not sit back on his failures and moves ahead in life.


10. A well balanced personality

A well balanced personality is an outcome of a right balance of all the above mentioned personality traits and characteristics of behavior. Thus a perfect individual is one who has received right set of directions and learning from his parents that make him a good individual.

Thus the above article in minimal space offers a set of guidelines for parents to be or the ones who are already set on the journey to parenthood, to rear healthy individuals who complete their responsibility as a child to his parents and as a citizen to his country.

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