Top 10 Staples For Kitchen Cupboards

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When the weather is freezing and there’s snow on the ground you often wish that you had something you could make a meal from in the house. The freezer might be well stocked, but there’s no pasta or rice or starchy foods. Such items are worth stocking up on because they can be used when you have unexpected guests and for emergencies.


1. Soya Sauce

This spices up plain rice and vegetables, giving them an Oriental flavour. The vegetables might not be exotic, broccoli, onions and corn for example, but the addition of soy sauce will spice them up. It’s ideal for a quick meal solution.


2. Olive oil

This is a must-have ingredient. It is very beneficial for your health and goes over pasta to make a meal just as it is although if you have some oregano as well, it will help the flavour. Pour it over salads too and use it to cook with mixed with a lighter oil so that it doesn’t burn. It is an essential part of the Mediterranean diet.


3. Pasta

Any kind of pasta is good to keep in the cupboard as you can make a sauce for it out of store cupboard ingredients and just use it with olive oil. It cooks quickly and fills you up.


4. Rice

The best kind to cook is basmati rice, but brown rice or any other kind is worth keeping to hand. Even I you just drizzle some soy sauce onto it, this will help fill your stomach in times of hardship.


5. Lentils

Red lentils are especially versatile as they can form the basis of a soup or stew if you don’t have or eat meat. The Asian dishes of dhal are very tasty, so the addition of spices will give you a tasty healthy meal, full of protein. Mixed with cheese and breadcrumbs, you can make a lentil loaf if you don’t feel like a hearty stew.


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