Top 10 Staples For Kitchen Cupboards

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6. Tins of tuna fish

If you have a tin of tuna fish, you can add it to pasta or rice for protein content, or use them in a tomato sauce, or just make tuna sandwiches with mayonnaise and some salad items if you have any.


7. Tins of tomatoes

These are always useful if fresh tomatoes aren’t available and can form the base of a vegetarian or meat sauce for pasta or rice. They can be added to meat dishes and used in so many ways that they are definitely a must for any store cupboard.


8. Dried herbs

A selection of dried herbs is a must for any self-respecting food cupboard. They add flavour to all dishes and if you have dried them yourself, you can make tisanes with them for clods, flu and sore throats. The basic ones are oregano, mixed herbs or herbes de province, thyme, rosemary, basil and bay leaves. With these you can conjure up some really tasty dishes, and remember that basil and oreganos go very well with tomatoes.


9. Spices

These are as essential as herbs and should always be kept in your kitchen cupboard. The best ones to have are chilli powder and black pepper which is a must for almost every meal. Other spices are cinnamon or cassia bark, which flavours both main savoury dishes and desserts, green cardamoms which do the same and cumin seeds. Add any or all of these to a sauce of tuna and tinned tomatoes, serve with rice and you have a quick simple and satisfyingly tasty meal. They smell so good that you will forget your woes and the reason why you couldn’t get to the shops for your groceries, at least while you’re eating.


10. Milk Powder

This is always useful to have in your cupboard for adding to cups of tea, coffee etc, You can also make cheese sauces with it for pasta or rice and desserts. You can use macaroni and make the traditional favourite macaroni cheese (if you have any) or just white sauce and macaroni if you happen not to have any. Rice can be made into a dessert with a white sauce as can vermicelli or macaroni.


When your store cupboard is full you don’t have to worry about going out if you really can’t because of extreme weather or if you have a rotten cold and feel terrible. All you have to do is remember where it was that you last put the tin opener to make a really tasty meal from your store cupboard.


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