Top 10 Cultural Holiday Destinations

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The lists of top 10 beaches are endless, so let’s concentrate on interesting destinations from another angle. Of course, it all depends on your personal preferences, but for cultural holidays you can’t beat these.


1. Athens, Greece

This is an amazing city with its mixture of ancient and modern. A wander around the Acropolis and seeing the Parthenon from so many places in the city has to be top of the list. The museums in this capital city are unique and if you have never been to Greece, then you really should make it the one place to visit on your bucket list.


2. Crete, Greece

The Minoan civilization is one that had the most amazing statues, architecture and running water. In the Palace at Knossos you can see the labyrinth where the Minotaur was supposed to have lived and devoured the maidens and young men sent to Crete every year. The whole island is steeped in myth and history and is just the place for people who want to combine culture with relaxing on pristine beaches.


3. Indus Valley, Pakistan

This area is unknown and unexplored by the West in comparison to Egypt for example. However the Indus Valley civilization was truly ahead of others not only in Asia but also in the world.


4. Prague

While this is not an ancient site in the same way as those mentioned above, it is well worth visiting, especially in springtime when the trees in the streets are in full blossom. There is the architecture to wonder at and the Torture Museum for those with a sense of the macabre.


5. Isfahan, Iran

This was once an important city in the Persian Empire and the artisans of the city still produce items which are exquisitely made and designed. The ornate gate at the entrance of the city is worth seeing and tourists will readily appreciate the beauty of this once splendid city.


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