Top 10 Websites For Music Download

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Since its inception, internet has continued to grow by the day and the recent technological developments in information and communication technology infrastructure has made internet connectivity simple than ever. Unlike several decades ago when you needed a PC and sets of hardware in order to have internet connection, the same cannot be said today. Access to the web has been simplified with manufacture of hand held devices, e.g. cell phones that can access internet. In addition, technologies such as Wi-Fi makes it possible to access internet wherever you are, e.g. at the coffee shop, library, airport or restaurant,

From online shopping to online banking to video conferencing, the internet is virtually being used for everything. One of the most popular uses of internet is entertainment, for example music and video download as well as gaming.

There are several benefits of downloading your favorite collection of music from the internet for example, variety and affordability.

Discussed herein are some of the top ten web sites that you can use for music download.


1. Napster

Downloading music has never been made easier since the introduction of Napster. Despite the turbulence period that it went through after being accused of piracy that saw it being shut for a significant amount of period, napster has continued to be the number one leading website for legal music download. Majority of sites used today for downloading music found their base on napster.


2. iTunes

Probably one of the biggest successes of Apple sore since the introduction of iPhones and iPods, iTunes has become one of the most preferred stops for music downloads. It boasts of having some of the latest hits from leading celebrities of the present age. From the site, you can download virtually everything that you need, e.g. audio, mp3 and movies.


3. Real Rhapsody

At number three is Real Rhapsody. It has gained popularity over the past few years. The site boasts of some of the best features. What makes the site one of the best of its times? Foremost, the site has different offers depending on the service you want access to. Payment for downloads has also been simplified with availability of payment options such as credit card, paypal and online check.


4. eMusic

At number four is eMusic. The site has managed to earn its place amongst the top ten lists due to the range of features it makes available from the site. Moreover, it has an appropriate price planning that makes it easier for anybody to download music. Unlike other sites such as iTunes that provides one with better file organization this lacks in eMusic.


5. Amazon Mp3

Amazon is popularly known for providing a platform for buyers and sellers from around the world to buy and sell whatever commodity that they have. Nonetheless, you can be able to buy and download music of all genres from Amazon Mp3 with ease. In addition, the site does provide different payment options, e.g. credit card, paypal or online check to facilitate purchase of music with ease.


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