Top 10 Websites For Music Download

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6. Zune Marketplace

Microsoft is well known for its prowess in software development. Nonetheless, they have added another feather to their cap by introducing Zune Marketpalce that enables persons to buy and download music from the web.


7. Puretracks

Coming in at number seven is Puretracks. Despite its simplicity, Puretracks can be acclaimed as having some of the best music that can be downloaded at an affordable price than what most sites can offer.


8. Walmart Music Downloads

All of us are well familiar with Walmart as one of the biggest retail stores in the world. However, an addition to their collection is Walmart Music Downloads that enables persons from around the world to download music with much ease.



Unlike other music download sites, combines both social networking features and music download into one. This enables new entrants into the music industry to have a platform from which they can endorse their music on a global scale.


10. HMV Digital

Last but not least is HMV Digital which is a subsidy of the UK based retailer. This gives it an edge over other music download sites by having a database of music varieties to choose from.


Each of the above sites has a unique feature that differs from the other. It is thus important for one to carefully analyze the services and offers provided.


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