Top 10 Football Teams In The World

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6. Inter Milan

Internazionale Milano popularly known by the name sake Inter Milan have won numerous titles since 1991 the latest being the Fifa World Cup Club Football. They have won the Serie A four times, Copa Italia and Chamoions league.

The club also boasts of having the most players from the team participating in the international team.


7. Bayern Munich

Coming at number seven is Bayern Munich Football Club a German football team. Very few German teams have been decorated the way Bayer Munich FC has been having won been crowned the German champions a record of 8-times since 1991 and German Cup five times. In the big league, they have managed to win the international cup in 2001, the Champion’s league in 2001 and UEFA cup in 1996.


8. Arsenal

Adding the number of English teams in the top ten is Arsenal also known as gunners. They have managed to win the English Premier League four times during the 1990-1991, 1997-1998, 2001-2002 and 2003-2004 season. An extra feather to its cap, are five FA cups won in 92-93, 97-98, 01-03 and 04-05 seasons. They have also been a force to recon with in the champion’s league appearing twice in the semi-final.


9. Atletico River Plate

Coming at number nine is Atletico River Plate a team situated in Argentina. Notably one of the most popular team in its country given the silver wares bagged since 1991. They have won Torneo Apertura and Torneo Clasusura a record of 6 times. In addition, they have also managed to win Copa Libertadores and Supercopa a feat that most clubs in Argentina are yet to match.


10. Chelsea

Coming bottom on the list but definitely not the least is Chelsea football club commonly referred to as the ‘Blues’. They have managed to hog the headlines over the past 5 years since a take over by Abromovich, the club’s owner and an experience business entrepreneur. They won the English Premier League back to back in the seasons of 2004-3005 and 2005-2006 while under the guidance of the ‘chosen one’- Jose Mourino. They also managed to win the FA cup twice in 2000 and 2007. Other silver wares that the club has bagged include league cup that they have won twice and community shield.

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