Top 10 Snake Movies

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6. Conan The Barbarian

If you are a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger and searching for a film that showcases his valiant act, you can check out Conan the Barbarian. Though the film is not entirely based on snakes, the fight between a fearful snake monster and Arnold Schwarzenegger makes it one of the most memorable snake films.


7. Boa Vs. Python

Boa vs. Python is one of the most remarkable films of this genre. Boa’s great escape and the governor’s decision to release Python to find Boa is worth watching. The film is also known for the performance by Angel Boris.


8. Curse II: The Bite

Curse II: The Bite is an unforgettable story: not for its plot and the excellent direction but also it is known for its special effects. J.Eddie Peck who portrayed the role of Clark has amazed every audience, but it is the special effects which has given the actual feel to the movie.


9. The Snake King

Directed by Allan A. Goldstein, The Snake King has a star lineup that includes, Larry Day, Jayne Heitmeyer and Stephen Baldwin. The plot moves round the research team that has been sent to a jungle for find a unique fountain. It is then the team found the snake instead of the fountain and struggled through different odds.


10. Vipers

Vipers deserve special mention not only for the snake but also for the role of Tara Reid. The plot moves around an organization which has been experimenting on horned vipers to find cancer cure, but things go wrong and the members face the wrath of enraged snakes.


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