Top 10 Ethical Companies In The World

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6. Hewlett-Packard Company

Utmost importance is given to trust by Hewlett-Packard in its code of ethics. The trust of its associates in business as well as consumers means a lot to the company. At the same time employees and customers are urged to inform about concerns that are detrimental to company ethics. Every year, training is conducted by the company to make its employees aware about ethics and how steps can be taken to comply with the same.


7. American Express

The code of ethics of banking major American Express contains guidance for its directors about dealing with situations that may affect company interests like availing opportunities or positions in other entities. Encouragement is given to report about acts or activities that are wrong and unethical.


8. Johns Hopkins

The renowned global medical major Johns Hopkins focuses on leadership and integrity. Patients and professionals from the medical field are given equal respect. Johns Hopkins works relentlessly so that people can get the best health care possible.


9. Wyndham Worldwide

Fair business dealings and high integrity are the salient features of the code of ethics formulated by Wyndham Worldwide. It addresses issues related to monetary benefits of directors and conflict of interest that may arise. It also clearly states how company data and assets should be utilized and gives thrust towards maintenance of confidentiality.


10. Google

The internet giant Google has its code of ethics clearly embedded with its popular ‘don’t be evil’. Building trust amongst its patrons is one of the thrust areas of the company. Google also follows a non-retaliatory approach while dealing with any employee who complains wrongful conduct. No penalty is awarded by the company to any employee who reports about wrongful conduct against another employee.


During the last decade or so expectations of customers, associates and employees regarding ethical business practices have increased phenomenally. In fact the day-to-day operations of companies are closely scrutinized by people to ascertain whether basic ground rules regarding business ethics are being followed or not. This is an observation made by the International Ethical Business Registry.

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