Top 10 Cheapest Cars In The World

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6. Chery A-1

The Chery A-1 comes at a price of $7,340. It is a subcompact that gives a solid impression. According to grapevine the Chery A-1 will be available in Mexico where it will be sold as a Dodge model. AVL, an Austrian company has been roped in by Chery in a partnership deal. AVL will provide the necessary technology to make the car Euro IV compliant.


7. The Tata Indica

Sporting a price tag of $8,500 the Tata Indica made by Tata Motors looks very ugly by European standards yet it is thriving there because it is the cheapest car available there. In South Africa the Tata Indica tasted great success.


8. Hyundai i10

The i10 made by South Korean automaker Hyundai is based on the Atos and is considered as its new generation version. The Hyundai i10 costs $9,096 and though it was originally produced in South Korea manufacturing facilities have been opened up in other countries including India.


9. Fiat Palio

The Palio from Italian carmaker Fiat sports a price tag of $9,242. Brazil was the first country where this car was built first. Thereafter manufacturing facilities were opened up in several Latin American countries, India, Morocco, Poland, Russia and China. Fiat incorporated advanced technology into this model and followed it up in its later models.


10. Dacia Logan

Starting at number 10 is the Dacia Logan from Renault. The car costs $9,477 and is made in 5 countries-Romania, Brazil, Turkey, India, and Iran. Renault focused on affordability while designing this car. The Dacia Logan is similar in many aspects with Renault Clio and Nissan Micra.

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