Top 10 Fastest Flying Birds

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6. Mallard Duck:

Mallard Duck whose scientific name is Anas platyrhynchos and it turned out to be the nineth fastest flying bird in the world with a maximum a speed of 65 kilometers per hour. The Mallard duck is mostly observed in wetlands and it generally feeds on water plants. It is not only migratory in nature but also a bit gregarious and breeds in Central and North American regions. The Mallard duck happened to be the ancestor of all domestic ducks, and therefore it can inter-breed with other species belonging to the genus Anas. The outcome of these inter-breeding is producing rarer species of ducks which are a bit diluted genetically.


7. Red Throated Loon:

Also known as Gavia Stellata, it is a migratory aquatic bird that can be found in the Northern Hemisphere. Ranging between 55 and 67 cm in length, the red-throated loon is the smallest and the lightest. The name comes from the red throat patch which the loon acquires during breeding seasons.

The bird is the 6th fastest bird, flying at 61 kilometres per hour.


8. Wood Pigeon:

Better known as Columba Palumbus, the bird comes from the dove and pigeon family Columbidae. In North and Eastern Europe and western Asia, it is known as a migrant. In Western Europe it is distributed quite well and is abundant. It is distinct for its quick flight and loud clattering sound during take-off.

The bird is the 6th fastest bird tying with the Red Throated Loon at 61 kilometres per hour.


9. Oystercatcher:

These birds are a group of waders that come from the Haematopodidae family. They are mostly found on the coasts throughout the world, in Polar Regions and in tropical regions of Africa and Southeast Asia. Mark Catesby termed this bird given its habits of eating oysters.

Ranging between 39 to 50 cm in length and 72 to 91 cm in wingspan, the bird comes in at #9 on this list. It flies 58 kilometres per hour.


10. Ring Necked Pheasant:

Also known as the Pasianus colchichus, it comes from the pheasant family and is found widely in Georgia. The most widespread and ancient gamebirds in the world, it is also the most hunted.

Ranging between 60 and 89 cm in length and being distinct for its long brown streaked black tail, the bird is the 10th fastest in the world. It flies at 54 kilometres per hour.


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