Top 10 Baby Product Manufacturers in the World

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Baby Products are one of the most purchased products in the world. Baby product is a wider term which would include everything that a baby would likely to use. There are companies who specialize in the baby care products. When it comes to our kids or specially an infant, we tend to be extra selective and cautious to choose any product for them. This behaviour of us has led to the new and booming retail business, the Baby Care Product. There are a number of companies who manufactures and sell the Baby Care Products, but who do you think are the best? Here is a list pulled out exclusively for you to know the top ten Baby Care Products manufacturer in the world –


1. Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble Co. is a Fortune 500 American multinational corporation headquartered in Ohio. It is a conglomerate that manufactures a wide range of consumer goods. It is 5th in Fortune’s Most Admired Companies 2011 list. P&G is credited with many business innovations including brand management and the soap opera. Procter & Gamble is a leading member of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, a Washington D.C.-based coalition of over 400 major companies and NGOs that advocates for a larger International Affairs Budget, which funds American diplomatic and development efforts abroad. P&G is a leading manufacturer of baby products and is present almost everywhere in the world.


2. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is a global American pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer packaged goods manufacturer founded in 1886. Johnson & Johnson is one of the leading baby products manufacturers in the world. J&J products are highly popular in the South East Asia and are hugely popular in India. The J&J baby product ranges from the baby soap to baby clothing. They manufacturer almost everything for babies and is indeed one of the top manufacturers of baby products.


3. Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Kimberly-Clark Corporation is an American corporation that produces mostly paper-based consumer products. This is another big manufacturing company which produces baby products. The ace product of Kimberly-Clark Corporation in this segment is the Huggies. Huggies is probably the pioneer in baby dippers and is the leading baby dipper brand in the world.


4. Nestlé Carnation Infant Nutrition

Nestlé is one of the largest food and nutrition companies in the world, founded and headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland. The company grew significantly during the First World War and following the Second World War, eventually expanding its offerings beyond its early condensed milk and infant formula products. Today, the company operates in 86 countries around the world. Nestle’s baby food products are probably the best in the market and it has a high market share in the baby food sector.


5. Mead Johnson Nutritionals

Mead Johnson & Company is a company which was majority owned by Bristol-Myers Squibb after an acquisition in 1967 but in 2009 was spun off as an independent firm. Mead Johnson is a major manufacturer of infant formula both domestically and globally with its flagship product being Enfamil. The company was gaining a presence in such emerging markets in the People’s Republic of China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam and was starting to develop a presence in India.


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