Top 10 Baby Product Manufacturers in the World

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6. Gerber Products Company

Gerber Products Company is a purveyor of baby food and baby products. The company was founded in 1927 in Fremont, Michigan, by Daniel Frank Gerber, owner of the Fremont Canning Company, which produced canned fruit and vegetables. At the suggestion of a paediatrician, Gerber’s wife Dorothy Gerber began making hand-strained food for their seven-month-old daughter. Today Gerber Products Company, are one of the leading house of baby products manufacturer. However, the company is yet to gain popularity in the Asian region, but is indeed one of the best specialized baby products manufacturing company.


7. Boon

Boon has taken the art of baby products to a new level – a level of unexpected sophistication. Boon bath, storage and feeding products have captured baby’s unique sense of style and make today’s contemporary-minded parents swoon. From sleek high chairs to modern feeding utensils boasting a one-of-a-kind design, Boon products are sure to please everyone. In addition to creating high-quality and innovative products, Boon also donates 10% of their profits to charities specifically benefiting children in need. Boon is indeed the best manufacturer when it comes to style in baby products.


8. ABC- American Baby Corporation

ABC is one of the leading manufacturers of baby product. This American based company is specialized in baby clothes and sleeping articles. When it comes to ensuring a restful night of sleep for your baby, American Baby Company is the right choice for you. The company prides itself on high-quality, comfortable and safe baby bedding. All ABC crib sheets offer a premium 9″ deep pocket for a snug, secure, safe fit. ABC offers organic crib bedding, organic crib sheets, organic blankets and more.


9. Alex

Alex is a popular baby product manufacturing company in America. It is one of the best manufacturers who give values to their produces. ALEX’s mission is to provide children with quality creative products that foster personal expression and build self-esteem. The best children’s activities provide lots of fun and they open a child’s mind to new skills, new ideas and new worlds. Many ALEX toys have received prestigious honours in the industry with awards for innovative, engaging and outstanding products.


10. BumGenius

BumGenius is one of the most reputed baby product manufacturing companies in America. This company is specialized in making dippers for the babies, which are the Cotton One-Size Microfiber Insert. Their product is highly popular with the masses because of the benefits it gives to the users. BumGenius also manufactures a variety of products especially meant for the Infants. This is a company which takes care of the health and hygiene factor of the babies while manufacturing the products.


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