Top 10 Mileage Cars

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6. Honda Civic GX

The Honda Civic GX returns 24 and 34 MPG in city and highway respectively. This car really saves on fuel because it burns CNG (compressed natural gas). CNG as you know beats gasoline in terms of price, availability and safety. The Honda Civic GX has a simple system that burns GNG cleanly. Though it cannot beat gasoline powered cars in terms of range coverage yet this car offers a healthy range. If you are concerned about the environment and cutting down on gasoline costs then this car suits you.


7. Honda Fit

The Honda Fit which is available in three variants (2 automatic and 1 manual) returns an average of 28 and 35 MPG in city and highway respectively. Honda Fit which falls in the sub-compact category is a versatile car. The car can carry a lot of baggage and other stuff and entry and exit is quite hassle-free. Moreover given its fuel economy it is really an incredible car.


8. Hyundai Accent

The Hyundai Accent returns fuel averages of 27 and 36 MPG (city/ highway).

The car used to be lacking in the safety department earlier but its manufacturer stemmed out the problems last year transforming it into an affordable and fuel efficient car. It’s not big either and since it’s responsive you will enjoy driving it. The two big plus points are its mileage and price.


9. Volkswagen GTI

The Volkswagen GTI is a hatchback with front wheel drive which returns 24 and 32 MPG in city and highway driving conditions. Its fuel economy is really good and even better than many cars. Its engine is similar to that of the Audi A4. The only difference is the power as the Volkswagen GTI is a slightly toned down version. The car delivers 200 hp without guzzling on gas. That’s great news for car enthusiasts.


10. Volkswagen Jetta/Golf TDI

The Volkswagen Jetta and Golf TDI are available in two variants (automatic and manual) and returns great fuel averages. It gives 30 and 42 MPG, in city and highway driving conditions respectively.  Both the cars are available in sedan and hatchback versions and sport a turbo diesel-powered engine. If you want to experience what modern technology can do to diesel cars then you should test drive these two cars. It is not that you have to cut down on acceleration to achieve great fuel averages with the Jetta because it just needs a judicious push on it. The 2011 model has been redone by Volkswagen to give you fuel averages that will make you grin in satisfaction. The interior is modest with nothing outlandish but the fuel economy of this car is sure to attract a lot of car buyers.


So, take your pick from these world cars which are currently vying with each other to take the honours in terms of fuel efficiency.

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