Top 10 Events In The Last Decade

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Every end of the year event analysts predict what’s going to happen in the next year in different fields. However not all predictions come true because it is truly difficult to predict. There have been many forecasts made by eminent people who were leaders in their subjects which failed to materialize. Some forecasts centering on destruction of nations did see the light of the day. Of course this does not mean that forecasts are just futile exercises.


When a forecast is made about an emerging trend it can be true to a certain extent but human imagination can go haywire at times and people are wary about that. Nevertheless we are not discussing forecasts here but events which happened in the last decade which had an impact on nations and the global society. Maybe somebody had predicted about those events long before it happened. So, here we are with the top 10 events in the last decade which is not in any particular order-


1. George W Bush becomes the President of USA in January 2001:

The US presidential election in late 2000 saw George W Bush come to power. His entourage comprised a bunch of neo-conservatives that included Dick Cheney as well. It was a keenly contested election which saw the likes of Al Gore vying for the top post. The decade thus started with a bang and we all know what happened after that.


2. America devastated by 9/11:

If Pearl Harbor changed the course of World War II in 1941, 9/11 compelled United States to make a dramatic change in its foreign policy that resulted in more complications for the world’s most powerful nation. America invaded Iraq in the aftermath of 9/11 and till today it is paying the price for that invasion.


3. The Beijing Olympics:

The Beijing Olympics showcased China as an emerging power in world politics and the Chinese government left no stone unturned to put across this message to the world. China made its approach in a self-assertive tone rather than demonstrating a subdued one which it was doing in the past. The great Asian country has begun to give feelers that it is on its way to become a great power as it was in the past.


4. The economic crash of 2007:

The world witnessed its stock exchanges plummeting to an all time low because of the financial slowdown that started in 2007. It affected almost all the nations of the world and many blue chip companies, banks, financial institutions went bankrupt. This economic meltdown will go down in the annals of 21st century history as the worst financial debacle. The economic crash resulted due to the speculative machinations of leading financial institutions and it is hoped that they don’t repeat something even worse in the near future.


5. A resurging Brazil under President Lula:

Lula da Silva, the president of Brazil has propelled his country to new heights. Brazil has carved an important position in the international arena on the strength of budget surpluses and strong economy. The new acronym (BRICs) which is given to countries considered as emerging powers now has another member- Brazil. All this credit goes to Lula, a man who learnt to read at ten but never joined any college.


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