Top 10 Brands of Mirrors

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A mirror has not less than a single reflective side. Mirrors are an important part of our lifestyles. We would never get to know the true picture about how we look if we had no mirrors. They have various uses like, decoration, personal grooming and architecture. Cameras, lasers and microscopes also use mirrors. Mirrors are also used in vehicles to see the rear view. There are basically three types of mirrors, convex, concave and plane mirrors. The list of various mirrors brands are given below.


1. Bissonet

Bissonet is a brand manufacturing bath furnishing. They manufacture such fixtures which save a lot of space. They manufacture mirrors which are good to look at aesthetically and present a good look. It has various mirrors which can be hung either horizontally or vertically. Mirrors of Bissonet have attractive designs and paintings on the mirror. They are available in a huge range of shapes and sizes.


2. Allied Brass

This is brand of mirrors which manufactures good and durable mirrors at cheap prices. It is a brand which has been selling and manufacturing bath fittings for the past 50 years. The mirrors and other fixtures of this brand are made in USA. Allied Brass mirrors are available in basically two types, table mirrors and wall mirrors. Mirrors with a variety of frames are available in this brand.


3. American Standard

American Standard is a plumbing fixtures manufacturing company which has its headquarters in New Jersey, U.S. It has various types of mirrors like a mirror with medicine shelves, cascade mirrors, mirrors with adjustable side mirrors, and mirrors with no material used except mirror itself and many more. This company manufactures elegant looking and sophisticated mirrors. As the name suggests mirrors of the American Standard are made in accordance with the American standards of living.


4. Coaster

Coaster manufactures unique and designer mirrors of good quality. It has many six pieces mirrors in round, oval, rectangular and square shapes. Coaster mirrors come with wooden and metallic frames. A very famous mirror by Coaster is the triplet mirror with bronze finish. Coaster also manufactures mirrors with chests and drawers in cherry and rich caramel finish. Mahogany and Birchwood mirror frames and drawers are also available. Coaster has mirrors of all ranges to suit all types of pockets and tastes.



This is a brand of United Kingdom. IKEA manufactures unique kinds of mirrors. They manufacture extendable and magnifying mirrors. The extendable and magnifying mirror is known as Frack. The extendable and magnifying mirror is of great help for shaving to males and for make up to females. This mirror can magnify and show the intricate details which cannot be seen with a normal mirror. The most unique and exquisite designs and shapes are available in IKEA.


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