Top 10 Best Selling Cars In Asia

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6. Honda CR-V

This is a compact crossover car manufactured by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda. It has been in production since 1995. It is a four door sports utility vehicle (SUV). It has been built on the Honda Civic platform and was launched by Honda to satisfy the needs of the public for a sports utility vehicle by Honda. In Asia the CR-V is produced in Japan. It has had a recent facelift in 2010.


7. Infiniti FX50

In 2003 Nissan launched a luxury vehicle brand by the name of Infiniti. It is luxury crossover SUV produced by Infiniti. The predecessor to this car was the Infiniti QX4. The Nissan FM platform is used for this vehicle. The car is assembled in Japan and Tochigi. FX50 is the second generation model of the Infiniti FX series launched in 2009. The FX50 is a five door SUV and has a “Bionic Cheetah” look.


8. Toyota Camry

This car has succeeded the Toyota Corona and Toyota Celica Camry. The narrow-body compact class has been present in the markets from 1980 to 1998 and the wide-body compact class has been in production since1991 till date. The word Camry in Japanese is known as crown. This car is doing very well in all Asian markets.


9. Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Motor Corporation’s Land Cruiser is a four wheel drive vehicle. The off road class has been in production since 1951 and the full size class has been in production since 1954. It is a jeep-like vehicle by Toyota. It has been produced in a variety of versions like the utility truck, convertible, station wagon and hardtop.


10. Range Rover

The Land rover is a British Car manufacturer owned in India by the Tata Motors. The car is in its third generation. The mid sixe SUV class was available from 1970-2001 and the full size SUV has been present since 2002 till date. The team of its designers was headed by Charles Spencer King. It has been under the scanner for the environmental damage caused by large and luxurious automobiles.


There are a number of other cars in the Asian markets but these are among the best. There may be rankings on the basis of specifics like performance or SUVs but this article deals with the overall performance and popularity.


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