Top 10 Dance Songs

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Dance has changed so much over the years that it is impossible to recognise the origins of the modern in house DJ produced and mixed techno songs. It is a long way from Chubby Checker’s Twist to the modern dance lists arranged by GIORGIOSST. The people are not the same and the instruments used for producing; recording and playing the songs have changed drastically over the last sixty years. Today’s music can be produced entirely by one person sitting in a recording studio with the latest playback computer assisted instruments and mix them with drum beats to come up with a smash hit. Here are some of the numbers which have made people dance over the last six decades.


1. Chubby Checker – Twist

Chubby Checker introduced his version of the Twist on the Clay Cole Show. The recording of the song was a super hit for the singer. It started a new dance system called the Twist which became popular all over the world. The song was released in July 1960. The song topped the Billboard twice. It has been said that before the Twist was introduced by Chubby Checker adults refrained from dancing on the floor to music loved by teenagers. The song changed all that; everyone was dancing, all over the world to it.


2. Snap – Rhythm is a dancer

This song was released on April 20, 1992. It is regarded as the first single in the genre of Eurodance. It was sung by singer Thea Austin and Rapper Durron Butler. It topped the European charts and was in the


3. Lipps Inc – Funky Town

This song has moved many on the dance floor. It was released in 1980 on February 18. It was an immediate success on the Charts in Europe, USA and the UK. It was Lipps Inc’s single success on the US charts. The lyrics yearn for an atmosphere that will, ‘keep me movin’, keep me grooving.’ The writer producer was Steven Greenberg.


4. MARRS – Pump up the volume

This is a British contribution and the only song which hit the charts for MARRS. This was released on August 3, 1987. The song was written by Steve Young and Martyn Young. It was produced by John Fryer and Martyn Young. This is regarding as a stepping stone to the future British music industry of in house music. This was a purposeful attempt to create a dance song on the basis of the American sudden craze for in house created music. The song was involved in a long drawn plagiarism suit. The mastermind behind the song was AR Kane but he never made another song under the label MARRS.


5. Dr Albans – It’s My Life

This song was a world wide super seller for Dr Albans a Nigerian who had settled in Sweden. It was released in 1992 on Dr Albans own label dr records. This has been classified variously as a Eurodance song or as hip hop reggae. He was studying to be a dentist in Sweden and working as a DJ to supplement his income. He was noticed thus and made a hit single with Leila K a rap queen. The successful singles selling a million copies were NO Coke and Hello Africa. He followed it up with a hit album One Life which contained this ever popular number named It’s My Life. The song is still a favourite on the dance floors of the world.


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