Top 10 Guitar Brands of the World

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6. Ovation

Ovation Guitars are the produce of the Ovation Guitar Company which is a holding of the Kaman Music Corporation. Ovation Guitars are popular with the studio musicians rather than the stage performance. The Ovation Guitars are specialized in producing the acoustic guitars and they primarily manufacture various acoustic guitars. The first Ovation Guitar was developed by the founder of the Kaman Music Corporation, Charles Kaman in the year 1966. Ever since then, the Ovation Guitars are the best acoustic guitar manufacturer in the world.


7. ESP

ESP Guitars are also among the top guitar brands in the world. The company was founded by Hisatake Shibuya in the year 1975 in Tokyo, Japan. The ESP which stands for the Electric Sound Products was just a shop which was run by Shibuya to supply high quality custom replacement parts for guitars. They gained a lot of reputation as a supplier of the best quality replacement parts for musicals. Later in 1976 Shibuya started developing his own guitars and ever since then the ESP guitars are known across the world for its quality and service.


8. Squier

Squier is a brand of guitars which is a subsidiary brand of the Fender Guitars. Squier was acquired by the Fender group in the year 1965. Before the accusation of the Squier, Fender use to manufacture low priced guitars but after Fender got Squier, it stopped manufacturing the low price guitars. Squier is one of the best brands of guitars and is a high priced brand of Fender.


9. Yamaha

Yamaha is a huge multinational corporation which was established as a piano and reed organ manufacturer in the year 1887. Yamaha is a conglomerate and are into several businesses. But the oldest and the most popular are the musical instruments. Yamaha has grown over the period to become the world’s largest music instrument company which produces almost every possible musical instrument. Yamaha Guitars are also one among its many popular musical instruments. Yamaha guitars had a great demand in the market but recently faced a tough competition from other popular counterparts. However, Yamaha guitars are still one of the most popular guitars in the world.


10. B.C Rich

B.C. Rich is a manufacturer of guitars and bass guitars which was founded in 1969. B.C. Rich is considered as one of the most stylish electric guitar manufacturer. Lately they are more into manufacturing their guitars in Asia. However, after the Rico family, who were the founder family this brand of guitar is almost losing its charm and popularity. But definitely the B.C. Rich guitars were the better ones among other popular brands of guitars.


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