Top 10 News Sources Not To Trust

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Picture a person sitting at the desk looking smug and at the screen with a smile. A truck has rolled over on the highway, a war is going on in another country, elections are taking place and murder has just been committed right outside a shopping centre. This person is still smiling and is greeting his/her viewers as if nothing happened. How do you know this source is reliable? How do you know that this source is trustworthy? Better yet, open up a newspaper or magazine, how do you know that their coverage and photos are not photo shopped? Buckle up as I will take you through the Top-10 unreliable news sources.


1. CNN:

CNN is one of the largest news networks in the world, providing 24/7 news coverage to viewers around the world for over 30 years. According to Deal Magazine, it is available to 100 million US households and 212 countries and territories. It covers every major event as it unfolds; at the exact moment. Yet one must not forget that with every source comes a bias. CNN has been known to suppress freedom of speech and has edited files and footage of events to portray a bias. During the Gulf War, CNN was criticized for pushing stories that would interest viewers by avoiding portraying violent images. In another instance Eason Jordan, an executive at CNN, admitted to lobbying for the Iraqi government for 12 years to keep CNN”s presence in the country.


2. BBC News:

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a public service broadcaster, based in the United Kingdom. It is the largest broadcaster in the world and employs 23,000 staff members. Although this news source and public service broadcaster is known worldwide, it is not reliable in terms of producing trustworthy material. During the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in 2004, BBC was widely criticized by both sides. They summoned a commission to produce a report (Balen Report) to investigate this controversy, which BBC refused to release to the public in the end. If they had nothing to hide, the report would have been made public already.


3. Fox News:

Viewed by 102 million households in United States in the year 2009, Fox News is another major news source people relied heavily on. What viewers fail to realize is that Fox has repeatedly sided with the Republicans over the Democrats in its news coverages. From the 2006 elections to Obama’s health care reforms, Fox News has shown media bias towards political issues. While the White House was scheduling press conferences with regard to reform health care plans, Fox News was left out. As such, one could argue Fox News is not reliable because it does not provide both sides of the story to viewers.


4. CBC News:

CBC News is the largest news broadcaster in Canada. It has local, regional, and national broadcasts stations, which air on television, radio and on the internet. According to a national survey done in April of 2002, 36% of respondents agree that CBC television focuses on left issues such as street demonstrations, radical hostiles and globalization. Many of the respondents also argue that CBC should focus more on objective issues that do not concern voters voting on the left specifically. This bias is rooted in the origins of CBC. CBC was created when the idea ‘big nation-big government’ was in place. This belief still is dominant in CBC’s views as pluralism is not encouraged or embraced by the network. Many citizens still wonder why CBC is still being funded for such biases.


5. Al Jazeera News:

Based in Qatar, Al Jazeera News is a news and current affairs television station broadcast via satellite to large Middle Eastern audiences. Although Al Jazeera is an Arabic television network watched by various Middle Eastern groups, it has been widely criticized by countries like Bahrain and Egypt for biases. Furthermore, BBC reported criticisms from United States and Great Britain over uncensored graphic photos of innocent British and American soldiers brutally murdered. Their views are supportive of certain groups over others and sometimes depict double standards.


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