Top 10 Natural Hair Care Tips

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Similar to the structure of scales on a fish’s body, the structure of our hair has scales overlapping each other around the cortical, which is the core of the structure of the hair. To preserve the quality of hair natural hair care is very important. A good diet and a healthy lifestyle is the key to healthy hair.

In today’s time all kinds of styling products are used, like hair iron, hair creams and gels and permanent hair curling and straitening. These products severally damage the hair and can be corrected only with natural hair care. Following are the tips to get beautiful hair naturally.


1. Healthy diet

Vitamins and minerals are very important for healthy hair. Biotin, Vitamin B, C, E and MSM help in hair growth and condition hair deeply. For the required amounts of minerals one should have wheat germ and whole grain in their diet as it provides zinc, iron and copper. Skimmed milk, banana, yogurt and honey should be had to prevent hair fall. The important Vitamins to keep hair healthy can reach the body by eating cereals, green vegetables and tomatoes.


2. Avoid chemical shampoos

Sodium laurel or laureth sulphate are synthetic detergents or chemicals which lather well and thus are used in dishwashing and liquid cleaners. They are basically used in shampoos because they make a thick lather but can suck out all the moisture from the hair as they are very harsh. Direct application of shampoo to the scalp should be avoided. One should choose a shampoo depending upon the type of hair one has. There are many natural hair washes like Shikakai or a paste of black gram dal mixed with fenugreek powder.


3. Hot oil treatment

Oiling the hair once a week is very important and if it is a hot oil rub it is even better. Hot oil treatment means just warming the oil one uses and applying it to one’s head in the same way as one normally does. The benefit of warming oil is that it easily penetrates into the scalp and leaves hair shinier and more flexible. It prevents the dryness of the hair, thus preventing split ends which are results of dry hair.


4. Hair packs

To make one’s hair strong, healthy, voluminous and silky packs must be regularly used. The process of rejuvenation and revitalization of hair can be carried out by applying a hair pack or mask. Hair packs can easily be made at home and with very simple materials which are generally available at home. Natural hair packs are made according to one’s hair type and so one needs to identify with the type of hair one has and choose a hair pack accordingly.


5. Natural conditioning

It is important to naturally condition one’s hair once a week. Beer is a very good conditioner of hair; it deeply nourishes hair and keeps hair shiny. Other very good conditioners for the hair are egg white and curd.


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