Top 10 Places To Go On A River Rafting

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Rafting is a challenging adventure sport which is usually carried out in a fast flowing river. You have to make yourself sited on a raft, usually made of parachute cloth, and all you need to do is navigate the raft through the fast moving river water. The rafting can be very dangerous at times but then again it’s an adventure sport and is strictly meant for people who dare to ride on it. There are many places in the world where you can go for the river rafting. So, if you are an adventure sports lover these are the top ten places in the world to go on a river rafting:


1. Alsek and Tatshenshini Rivers, Alaska/Canada

This is a merger of two famous rivers i.e. the Alsek River which originates in Kluane National Park, flowing from the highest mountains in Canada; and the Tatshenshini River which is yet another brilliant river which originates in the British Columbia, near the Haines Highway. This spot is one of the most popular spot for river rafting as the two river merge at Alaska and finally goes on to meet the Pacific. Rafting in the chilly fast flowing water of the rivers is an experience worth experiencing.


2. Middle Fork, Salmon River, Idaho

The Salmon River is located in Idaho which is towards the north west of United States. Middle fork is a section in the Salmon River which is probably the most challenging spot for rafting. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery and wild lives. Going to the Middle Fork and rafting in the mid of the Salmon River would be an exciting happening in the lives of the adventure sport lover. But there is a cap enforced if you want to ride on the middle fork during the peak season i.e. June 1 to September 10. There is a lottery system and you have to be really lucky to get a chance to float in there.


3. Magpie River, Canada

The Magpie River originates at Upper Magpie Lake, at an elevation of 1,378 ft and flows into Canada. This is a brilliant spot which will take you through the pine forest and is worth a trip. Rafting in the Magpie River would be nothing short then experiencing nature in its truest form. There are several trip organizers who has trip packages for the Magpie River Rafting. You can choose at your convenience about the package which would generally include a minimum of 8 days among the waters and the forests.


4. Futaleufu River, Chile

The Futaleufu River is a combination of lakes in the Chubut Province in Argentina which crosses the Andes Mountains and then flows into Chile. It is an excellent place for rafting and is really an immense excitement. The water flows at a tremendous speed and is just the perfect place for you to go on a rafting. There are various package trips on the Futaleufu River which will include kayaking as well. The Futaleufu river rafting offers you a variety of rafting experience. For the beginners in rafting stretches would be most suitable. However, there are also Class V rapids that would challenge even the most expert Rafter.


5. Rio Upano, Ecuador

The Rio Upano is a mesmerising spot in midst of the rain forest of Ecuador. The word Rio Upano means the “River of Sacred Waterfalls” which flows at a great speed and takes the form of an exceptional river for rafting. It is a brilliant spot for enjoying the beauty of nature. Along with the free river rafting you can also enjoy a lot of waterfalls which surrounds the basin.


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