Top 10 Spectacle Brands

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In the market for spectacles, there are a variety of options. There are a number of branded and unbranded options available in the market. The branded ones have a variety of casual, trendy and designer options. To keep your eyes healthy and give yourself a designer look one should get a nice pair of branded, reputed and certified spectacles. Also if you have a tight budget you will have to go for the unbranded ones, but if you are prepared to spend extravagantly on your spectacles you have unlimited branded options.

Here is a list of the top 10 brands you can get in the market.


1. Calvin Klein

The best-seller in the optical market is this brand. Latest technologies and the best material are used in putting together a Calvin Klein spectacle. It has a variety of plastic frames available in nearly all the colors. It is also available in metal frames and in all shapes and sizes. It comes with various designer temples and is very fashionable and elegant.


2. Ray Ban

This brand was initially created to cater to the needs of the army pilots. They are fashionable and sturdy eyewear available for all types of people. It is now also available for children with the launch of Ray Ban junior. They are crafted to stop the ultraviolet rays and glare. With a very elegant and smart style, Ray Ban spectacles are the best option giving both, style and protection.


3. Prada

Luxury is symbolic with Prada and this is also true with its eyewear. Prada comes in three different varieties, men, women and unisex. It has a tremendous range in frames from basics like black and brown to funky and fun-filled colors like red, green, white, yellow, pink and purple. The range in shapes is also unbelievable as you get spectacles in all shapes and sizes. The glasses can suit any look or any time of the day whether it is day or night. You can also have your personalization on a Prada glass like studs of diamonds or the Prada logo itself.


4. Burberry

This luxury brand was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856. This collection has many options from rimless to fully rimmed metals and plastic. It comes in sophisticated colors like burgundy, grey, silver, red and black. Lens can also be treated in a varied styles, like gradient coloration, flash mirror coating and tints.


5. Gucci

Gucci is an Italian fashion brand which manufactures top class spectacles. It has spectacles for all types of professions, from sophisticated business classes to funky Hollywood actors. It has an entire range of glasses for men and women in different colors and shapes. Spectacles from Gucci will surely make a statement.


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