Top 10 Ways to Fool Your Teacher

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Fooling anyone is a great fun, but at the same time it shouldn’t hurt any ones feelings. The most beautiful days are always the school days where we use pranks on almost every body without even bothering the consequences. There are times that we use pranks on our teachers as well. Many times we are caught many times they just let us go. But we never stopped playing pranks and making them fools. So, what are the best ways of making fool of your teachers? Here is a list of ten activities which are funny ways of making fool of a teacher at class:


1. Head banging at a silent class

This is a very innovative way to make fool of your teacher. All you need to do is when the class is silent and the teacher is in total command of the class, suddenly start banging your head at the desk and start murmuring words like “no…” “no…” “please get out” and many other crazy words. This will take the teacher by surprise and he/she will be utterly confused. When they ask you about what is the matter, just raise your head and say something stupid and look confused. This will really make a fool out of the teacher and you can enjoy the prank with your friends after the teacher leaves.


2. Principal Calling

This is a very common trick to fool the teacher and is a very effective one too. When you come in from outside and the teacher is already in, just walk straight to her and with a serious look say her that the principal is calling her. She will be really surprised as well as confused and will not have any clue as to what she should do. You can see the panic at her face and can enjoy with your friends.


3. Happy Birthday songs

Another way to make fool of a teacher is by declaring any of the students birthday and making the teacher sing a song for the student. This is a very funny prank where the teacher would be with her full attention think that it is actually the birthday of the student and with smiles all over her face she will stand and sing the song. This will let her postpone the class by sometime and you can enjoy in the meantime wishing the fake birthday boy or girl.


4. Calling the teacher at her back

When the teacher is writing something on the board and not facing you, say her name in different voices like u got to ask her something and when she turns around act like nobody said anything, it works best if you get your buddies to help and if she asks or says stop blame it on people you don’t like. This is a very useful prank and the teacher many a times get super annoyed and leave the class.


5. A sudden cry

This is a very tactful prank and whoever plays it has to play it in a very confident way. This will involve a lot of acting on the part of the doer. When the class is all silent, suddenly shout out crying. Say all sorts of stupid things and start crying. Let your friends know about your act and then you will enjoy it more. The teacher will be spellbound and will get the shock of her life. She might get scared and the reactions will be worth enjoying.


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