Top 10 Ways to Keep Away Rodents

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Rodents are sometimes the most irritating creatures which create a lot of mess at home and around. Rodents are the small creatures which has a special feature of never ending growing teeth’s in both the jaws which are very sharp and are capable to grind anything at their way. The most common rodents which can be found in houses are the rats or the mice. These are the most common rodents which destroys the household goods. Rodents are really irritating as they can almost destroy everything including food and clothes. It is really important to stop the rodents to get inside. Here is a list of top 10 ways to keep away rodents from your house:


1. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil is a very powerful substance to drive away the rodents or any other insects. Eucalyptus is a tree which is normally a huge and tall tree with sleek and long leaves. The oil extracted from the eucalyptus leaf is a very powerful and useful substance to sprinkle all around the home. The fragrance of the eucalyptus oil is soothing to human nose but they are too strong for those small rodents. So this normally keeps away the rodents from your home and the danger of destruction of property.


2. Don’t heap the clothes

This is very important aspect of keeping the rodents away. Heap of clothes creates a dirty and clumsy atmosphere in the room or the house in general which makes it easy for the rodents to settle down at your home. This would be really disgusting for you to discover at a later stage that the clothes are destroyed. This also allows the rodents to build a home for themselves at your home and at a later stage they spread all over. Therefore, make sure you don’t have any heap of clothes stored for longer time.


3. Don’t keep empty boxes at your home.

This is also an important aspect of driving away the rodents. Empty boxes are the best place for the rodents to make home in. Make sure you don’t leave any empty boxes at home. If you have to keep boxes, fold the boxes and keep it safe. Most of the times the rodents like the rats search for empty spaces like a box so as to they can build their home and give birth to more rats. Therefore, try to not keep any empty boxes at your home.


4. Keep moving any heaps every alternate days

This is also a very important aspect which will keep the rodents away. If you keep the heap of clothes or any sort of paper heaps in a particular spot without moving the heap, rodents would find it comfortable enough to settle in those heaps. If you keep moving the heap every alternate day, the rodents if any would be noticed and can driven away. So, try moving the dumped clothes or the heap of papers at a regular interval.


5. Clean the house every 15 days

Cleaning is very important to stop any kind of rodents to settle in your house. Cleaning a room or the entire house twice a month is a good habit. It keeps away even any kind of insects from home. This is absolutely necessary aspect of driving away the rodents. Rodents do not normally like clean places and as a result they won’t settle in your house if you keep it as clean as possible.


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