Top 10 Ways to Keep Away Rodents

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6. Keep the Drainage system clean

Drainage system also accounts to a lot of problems relating to dirty affairs. Improper and unclean drains are also the major source of pollution in the neighbourhood ad it is also the major place of hide outs for the rodents. It is absolutely necessary that all the drains in and around your house be cleaned in regular intervals so that the creatures like the rodents and the Mosquitoes don’t get a chance to build their habitats. Moreover, regular cleaning is necessary for the better health of the family as well.


7. Close all the burrows you notice

Burrows are dug by the mice and leaving them open is really dangerous. The rats will make themselves comfortable inside these holes and whenever they get a chance they run into your home. This is therefore extremely important to seal all the holes you see around your home so that you can ensure that there are no rats in your house.


8. Keep the food Items Closed and In the Cupboard

Another reason for the rodents to get attracted to your house is the food items if kept open. These rodents are mostly in search of food and finding the smell of food they gets into your house. This is a very common issue but this can be sorted out if you try to hide or cover the food items in a air tight container. Keeping away the food items will reduce the movements of rodents into your house.


9. Clean the floors every day with Phenol

Phenol keeps away all sorts of creepers and rodents away from your house. Whenever you clean the room or the floor of your house use a few drops of phenol. It will keep the room fresh and drives away all rodents from your house. Phenol has a disinfectant property and it also keeps germs clean. It is also useful if u have a kid at home. Therefore, cleaning the room and the house with the phenol helps you to drive away the rodents and puts a block in their movements.


10. Seal all the openings of wires coming inside your room

Cable wires and other wires which come inside our house through the small holes or openings are one of the easiest and preferred ways for a rodent like mouse to travel inside. Therefore, in order to stop their movements try to seal all the openings as much as possible. You can cover the extra space in any openings with sealing substance. This will reduce the incoming of the rodents by large.


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