Top 10 Reasons People Update Facebook Statuses

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600 million people around the world utilize Facebook. Users could create a profile, chat with friends from around the world and connect with long lost love ones they haven’t seen in years. On Facebook walls, users are given a chance to update their status and/or post an update on another person’s profile. Here are the top 10 reasons why people update their Facebook status to deliver information. Raise your hand if you recognize one of the following situations.


Extensive research was done over a 10 day period. An overall analysis was done to discern the reasons why Facebook users update their statuses. These were the common trends, I found.


1. Losing a valuable:

Misplacing a valuable after a night out at a party happens to all of us. You ransack your homes, purses, cars and pockets, trying to find that precious possession. You even try to exhaust every number in your phone book to find out that no one has seen what you are looking for. Facebook is the answer to many people’s problems when it comes to losing a valuable. As soon as one posts on the wall status stating they lost something, his/her friends read it. They comment on the status and attempt to help find what is missing. You may not be able to find every person you are looking for in your phone book, but you are bound to find them on Facebook. As such, one cannot dispute the reason why umpteen users update their status to find their lost or misplaced valuable.


2. Busy/Unavailable:

“Somebody is playing pranks calling on me everyday for the last 3 days playing my favourite Arash song, wonder who?”

How many times have we been interrupted, while in a meeting or at the dinner table with family members? Better yet, how many of us have been peskily and non-urgently called? There are millions of people, who are frustrated with the not-so-convenient calls or contact attempts. Many Facebook users wish they could get the message across to everyone that they are not to be reached within certain times. They thus turn to Facebook statuses to relay that message. As most friends read the feeds they receive on the home page, everyone is bound to get the message.


3. Advocating Political Issues:

A perfect example of people advocating on behalf of a controversial yet political issue was the 2011 Federal Election in Canada. Facebook statuses were flooded with various reasons why a political figure in their riding should win the election. This created an intellectual debate amongst friends, who would agree or disagree with the status. Of the possible 700 friends present on my Facebook, 505 live in Canada. Of the 505, 201 were involved in a political debate and updated their statuses to advocate their political beliefs.


4. Games:

Various games on Facebook, such as CafeWorld, Farmville and Kingdoms of Camelot are addictive. Facebook users are quick to modify their facebook status to notify others of their need to advance in their favourite game. Whether they are building a barn in Farmville, a city in Cityville or a hotel room with excellent accessories in Hotelville, users are prone to be impatient when it comes to waiting for their requests to be accepted. They flood their walls with requests and update their status specifying their missions and needs. They share rewards to boost their requests.


5. Death:

As individuals encounter a loss, they sometimes try to inform others. Facebook status is exercised by various users to update information such as funeral arrangements and death announcements. Furthermore, various users provide ways others could show their condolences and support. As many Facebook users login to facebook once a day, they are prone to read the comment and receive the message.


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