Top 10 Practical Jokes

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A practical joke, also known as a prank is a mischievous trick played on a person, especially one that causes the victim to experience embarrassment, indignity, or discomfort. Practical jokes or pranks are typically light hearted, reversible or non-permanent, and made to make people feel foolish or victimized to a certain degree, although in some practical jokes there could be an inherent strain of cruelty present. The term “practical” refers to the fact that the joke consists of someone doing something physical, instead of a verbal or written joke. For example, the joker who is setting up and performing the practical joke, might hang a bucket of water above a doorway and rig the bucket using pulleys such, when the door opens, the bucket dumps the water. The joker would then wait for the victim to walk through the doorway and be drenched by the bucket of water. There are many such pranks or practical jokes and here we present a list of 10 top practical jokes for you to play on your friends.


1. “Bottle Swap” – Change the bottle:


This is a very hilarious prank you can play on someone even though it can get bit cruel. This joke can be played in many ways by switching different bottles. Suppose your friend is just having a mild beer and he went out to receive a call or for any reason outside keeping the bottle in the table. You can just change the content of the bottle with something wired to drink may be a bitter liquid or something. This cruel prank can be used with many bottles of varying substances. Take one bottle’s ingredients and swap it with another with similar properties. An effective example could be swapping hair remover into a bottle labelled as shampoo.


2. Swap the Restroom Door Labels:


This is another interesting practical joke that can be played on someone you want to make a fool of. Jus stand outside a public restroom spot and watch few people going into it. Once you find the entire area cleared for a while just replace the “Men” label with the “Women” label and just see the fun standing outside. But keep in mind that there are at least few people inside both the rooms. This pranks can be extremely hilarious as the reaction of the victim when they come out of the wrong door will be worth watching.


3. “Do Not touch”

This is a unique prank where all you have to do is instigate people to do what you want them to do. Make a “Do Not Touch” board and place it on a very common object which is just a regular item. Jus record the people’s reaction. Some will be confused and some amazed. Where as many will actually come and try touching the object but with hesitation and that will be the real fun.


4. “Wrong Subscription”

This is also a very useful trick but a bit long one. In this trick you won’t get instant result but this is real fun. What you have to do is subscribe for some wired magazine or some damn serious journal to a wrong address i.e. to the address on which you want to play the trick. For example, subscribe a Playboy magazine in one of your studious girl classmate’s address. The reaction and the state of mind would be worth watching.


5. “Automatic Door”

This is a very funny trick you can play on loads of people. Just go and stand near a public place where there is one common entrance door. Stick on the door in bold letters “Walk Through, Door Automated”. Just wait and watch the fun outside. You would see a number of people actually coming close to the door and really waiting for the door to open automatically. Many will rush into the door and bash themselves to the door.


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