Top 10 TV Bad Boys

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6. Reese Wilkerson:

This boy has done everything imaginable on the TV show, Malcolm in the Middle. Being imprudent and having little common sense, he’s fixed his grades, bullied children of all ages and caused trouble on family outings and in his own neighbourhood. During one episode where his family goes to dinner with family friends, Reese continually beat up a paraplegic named Stevie. He uses persuasion and cunningness on Stevie to look at a symbol which signifies a punch. Reese repeatedly taunted Stevie until the latter returned the punch.


7. Francis Wilkerson:

You don’t have enough fingers to count the number of despicable acts this character did on the show Malcolm in the Middle. He crashed his parents` car and burned it, he did drugs and smoked, pulled pranks on his commander and worst of all cut off someone’s hand accidentally with a machete. It is no wonder why his parents sent him to military school. His brother Reese was following in his footsteps. He usually blamed his problems on his mother and her short temper.


8. David Breck:

This Melrose Place bad boy deserves to be on the list of Top 10 bad boys. Throughout Melrose Place (2009)’s only season, Breck resorted to stealing, violence, gambling and scheming. His lies and games put himself and others in danger, including his girlfriend Lauren. One should also note that Breck slept with his father’s ex-wife. He redefined Melrose Place and brought back what viewers in the 1990s all so much loved to watch: betrayal, stealing and lying.


9. Dr. Robert Romano:

This ER character caused havoc ever since he arrived on staff in 1994. Playing an excellent jerk, homophobe and anti-feminist, Romano defined ER throughout his years. Who can forget his typical satire which brought on never ending duals between Dr. Weaver and him? When he got killed by a helicopter chopper many could not help but feel a sigh of relief that this villain finally met his match for his bullying.


10. Bart Simpson:

Since 1989 Bart Simpson has been a loveable bad boy. Although a cute and adorable 4th grader, he is often seen pulling pranks on principals, teachers, parents, friends and strangers. He is known for his phone pranks to a bar tavern owned by Moe. He would ask for names which would make fun of Moe when saying it. This one time Bart Simpson was sent back to 3rd grade because he was failing grade 4. The Simpsons would not be still on if Bart Simpson was the nice boy.


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