Top 10 Reasons To Delete And Not Use Facebook

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Facebook is a social network used by 600 million cyborgs worldwide. Many cyborgs become addicted to this social networking site, spending hours on it. Although it serves to connect friends and family, many abuse the privileges for other purposes. They add strangers who can help them advance in their favorite game and they could add stars, who may or may not be the person they say they are. Here are the top 10 reasons cyborgs should delete and not to use Facebook.


1. Identity Theft:

Try searching for Barak Obama or Britney Spears and you will find not one, not two but infinite number of celebrities with the same pictures and with the same personal information. Identity theft is on the rise and we could see that just by searching celebrities. There is no stopping cyborgs from taking personal information from your wall and adding a fake account with your picture. As such, one should delete or not use Facebook if they do not want their information being copied and taken for granted.


2. It is not safe:

Although Facebook has tried to keep children under 13 off of Facebook, they have failed. Increasingly there are children under the age of 13 who utilize Facebook and create fake accounts which may or may not be noticeable by the Facebook crew. Secondly, Facebook says it believes in protecting the privacy of its users. In reality, everything one posts on Facebook is the property of Facebook. There is a high risk of personal information being sent to third parties for “research purposes”. If you don’t want your personal information being sent to third parties and for Facebook to have rights to your property, don’t use it and delete it.


3. Snooping:

On this social networking site, you have people snooping into your life, friends and non-friends. Co-workers who may know your friend or family member may see a picture of you smoking or drinking excessively. When you post or upload something to Facebook, it becomes public. No one posts for themselves. Your friend today may be your enemy tomorrow. For example, you may not be on the Google search engine, but the group you are part of is. Any pictures on the group may be seen and searched by everyone including your prospective employers. So do yourself a favour and do not use Facebook and delete it.


4. Cyber bullying is increasing:

I cannot count the numerous times cyber bullying has occurred on Facebook. If an account is hacked into, messages such as “I am gay” can pop up on the status, humiliating the user and sometimes shunning them amongst their friends. Worse is when a cyborg uses a photo of someone, edits it with the intent to make fun of a group or individual. There have been various incidents where an individual was tagged as a derogatory term in a group picture taken at a mutual event. It took Facebook 2 weeks to delete the picture and they still refused to take away the person’s privileges away after violating the terms and uses. There is nothing standing in the way of that individual from posting the photo and tagging it again. As Facebook is unsafe, one should also delete it and not use it.


5. Viruses:

Viruses are easily transmitted on Facebook. There have been times where a friend sends you a message with a link that has a viral effect on your computer. Other times, friends, whose account is hacked, is able to post on your wall telling you and your friends of an intriguing news report. If viruses are able to hit and multiply on Facebook, the site is not safe. If you want to eliminate the chances of viruses, do not add Facebook or delete it.


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