Top 10 Reasons To Delete And Not Use Facebook

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6. Addictive:

If you are addicted to Facebook, you should delete it. If it affects your working duties and social life, you should also delete it. Facebook is like gambling. Once addicted it is hard to pry the person away from a game or screen when using Facebook.


7. History of Unethical Behaviour:

Can anyone trust Mark Zuckerberg to keep their information under wraps or a secret? When beginning Facebook Zuckerberg used the information of various university students to advertise his achievements. From the beginning, Zuckerberg’s intentions were suspicious as he violated his friends’ rights in order to make money. Face it, Facebook is all about making money and we as users are just their baits. We should delete Facebook because the unethical behaviour has not been addressed clearly, especially since it owns all users’ information.


8. Applications are not safe:

Facebook has a multitude of applications which users use to have fun and enjoy their time in cyberspace. From games to spying on individuals who deleted them, applications are a part of this social networking site. When users agree to share their information with applications, it is not just their name that pops up it is their personal information as well. It is advised to all users not to use applications they do not trust or know. In fact, they should delete them.


9. Nothing is permanently deleted:

Has anyone ever wondered why your account is not permanently deleted? Has anyone ever asked Facebook if they could? Did they get a desirable response? The answer to the second and third question is hard to say as Facebook does not provide its contact information to the public.


10. Hard to get a reach of:

I’ve never met a site where emails and phone numbers are hard to find. You got to go searching with a magnifying glass to find out the contact information to Facebook. I literally had to search Google and to go on an independent blog to find the number that I could reach Facebook with. Do you really want to use a site which makes it hard for you to contact?


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