Top 10 Reasons to Become a Doctor

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Becoming a licensed doctor is a milestone and aspiration for many individuals. It earns them a title which comes with prestige, respect and affluence. If you have the skill and knack to become a doctor, you should apply. If you have a hard time getting into competitive and prestigious schools, you can try applying to schools in the Caribbean or in Europe. Noting the greater advantages, this article will examine the top 10 reasons people should become a doctor. Do not be discouraged by the prerequisites and long schooling. The advantages will outweigh the disadvantages.


1. Money

According to NY Times, a general practitioner makes around $107,000 USD in Canada, $161,000 USD in the United States and $ 118,000 USD in the United Kingdom. Specialist also make approximately $230,000 USD in United States, $161,000 USD in Canada and 180,000 USD in UK. An average person in the United States makes around $50,000 and $40,000 in the United States. One becoming a doctor will definitely have a monetary advantage.


2. Respect:

A doctor of medicine carries a degree of respect from the community. Doctors are heroes who make life and death decisions to help others. The also put their best practice at work to help others who they may or may not be able to save. Doctors who join the organization Doctors without Borders have ever further respect for bravery. They put themselves in the line of fire to help those struck by famine and warfare.


3. Opportunities:

When one goes into Medicine, the opportunities are countless. There are various degrees of specializations doctors could pursue. They could continue to research in their field and develop advice and treatments to better help those in need. Government grants are available and those who work with universities do get funding as well. When you become a doctor you are not just a medic, you are a specialist in lungs, kidneys, liver, dermatology etc.


4. Influence:

If patients want to get better they need to listen to their doctor`s advice. No matter what the patient thinks, they cannot live without the doctor. If the doctor wants to get a patient to stop smoking, he will have concrete analysis done to influence and suede the patient. He/she would have more influence than family members because he/she can pinpoint individual health problems which scare patients.


5. Make a difference:

Whoever wants to work somewhere where the morale is low? There are going to be times where you cannot save a life or make a difference. Many of the times, you will be able to make a difference and create a smile on a child’s or patient’s face. For example, which doctor would not be proud of treating a 99 year old woman for a minor flu? At the end of the day this woman is able to independently check herself out and leave the hospital with ease. Who would not feel great for making that difference?


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